Voyages avec AMP et Jacques

Excursion au Panama 2013

Cette année, nous sommes allé visiter nos
amis France et Daniel qui viennent d'acheter un
terrain à Las Lajas au Panama

This year, we went to visit our friends
France and Daniel that have bought a piece of
land in Las Lajas Panama
Vacances Costa Rica 2012

Un paresseux dans notre cour, des
douzaines de toucans surveillant notre
dejeuner, encore une fois un voyage
tres special.

A three toad sloth in our backyard,
dozens of tucans watching over our
breakfast, another unforgettable vacation.


Vacances Costa Rica 2010

Une fois de plus c'est au Costa Rica
que passons nos vacances d'hiver.
Nouveaux endroits, plusieurs animaux
sauvages et des couchers de soleil à
couper le souffle.

Once more we spent some time in
Costa Rica for our winter vacations.
New places, a lot of wildlife and
breathtaking sunset.


Vacances Costa Rica 2009

Cette année nous avons eu de la
compagnie. La famille et les amis
sont venusnous rejoindre au Costa Rica.

This year
we got company.
Family and friends have joined
us in Costa Rica.



Les plus belles rivieres coulent dans
les vallees de la Gaspesie

Some 600 kilometers north of
Montreal is the Gaspe peninsula,
its valleys are home to the
most beautiful rivers.


Nouvelle Zelande

C'est tres loin de la maison mais c'est un
pays unique a visiter. Les volcans,
montagnes, rivieres, mon ami Grant et sa
famille en font un endroit unique au monde.

It is situated a long way from home but the volcanoes, mountains, rivers and my friend
Grant and his family make it
a very special destination.

this is a picture of the emerald lakes that can be found when descending from the saddle between mount Tongariro and mount Ngauruhoe, the sight from up on the saddle looking towards mount Ruapehu in the back is unforgettable and truly one of the great sights that make a trip to New Zealand so worthwhile


this a view of the beach in front of the Tipaniers restaurant on the island of Moorea near Tahiti. The motu in the back is located directly in front of the now closed original Club Med

Tahiti,  Moorea

Tahiti et Moorea meritent amplement leur reputation de paradis tropical, la beaute des paysages et la gentillesse des habitants sont unique au monde.

Tahiti and Moorea truly deserve
the paradise reputation that they
have enjoyed for so long. The beauty
of the island is truly amazing, and
the gentleness of its inhabitants  are legendary.


Costa Rica - Osa

Ma region favorite en Costa Rica est la
peninsule de Osa ou le parc de Corcovado renferme des splendeurs a couper le souffle.

My favorite area of Costa Rica is
the Osa Peninsula located in
the southern part of the country,
most of the peninsula
is land protected by a National park
called Corcovado.


Paysages du Quebec

Quelque galleries de photos sur notre tres belle province, le retour des oies blanches,
les couleurs de l'automne, les rivieres de la Baie des Chaleurs, le calme des lacs du nord
et une partie de peche en Ontario.

These galleries showcase different aspect of a beautiful corner of Canada
that is visited by too few people. One gallery is about the beautiful
colors of fall, that can be seen in september and october of each year.
Another gallery is set in the Baie des Chaleurs area of the Gaspe peninsula.
The third gallery is set in the Latuque area north of Montreal,
where the walleye and northern pikes attract anglers from all over the world

fall colours autumn automne quebec

Retour des oies blanches

Couleurs d'automne

these guys are flyfishing for salmon and sea trouts from a canoe on the cascapedia river in the baie des chaleurs area of Gaspe peninsula in eastern Quebec

this picture was taken in the early morning in the lake Flamand located near LaTuque, the lake empties in the Saint Maurice river which will in turn flow towards the St Lawrence river in the prvince of Quebec in eastern Canada

Peche a la mouche en Gaspesie

Le calme du nord

Les saumons du lac Ontario

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